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Rear end collsion documented arm damage

by Steve

I was rear ended on my way home from work in late January. I have been treating for neck and back since the accident.

I did not go to the emergency room after the accident; however, I did go to my GP the next day as my the pain in my neck and back were getting worse. x-rays of my t-spine were taken and was given meds and sent home.

I started seeing a chiro two days post accident he did the normal workup. Revisited with the GP who placed me in physical therapy, which I am still treating. My Physical Therapist and Chiro have been together, which is great.

My GP sent to an Orthopedic since I was still have issues with my neck. The chrio sent me for a Digital Motion X-ray test as I was not improving as he wanted. The results showed that I have damage to my Alar and Accessory ligaments during the lateral ap open mouth bilaterally.

I have shared the results with everyone except for the GP since I was referred to the Othro. The chiro and PT backed off on some of the treatment that I was receive as a result of the findings. The Othro said that it is a soft tissue injury and wants to see me back in 6weeks.

The driver who hit me was cited for following to close and was convicted in court by absentia. He has paid all fines.
The police report stated that he was distracted by using his cell phone. It was estimated that he hit me going at least 35mph.

Do I need an attorney or is this simple enough that I can settle myself?

I know that insurance companies fight soft tissue since they are hard to document. Does having the DMX results improve my case?

Ball Park on the Settlement amount?

medical to date $7000.00
missed work $2000.00
mileage for dr appt $700.00


Hello Steve

I am sorry to hear about your accident. I simply cannot give you a number because there are variable that you did not tell me. How long has treatment been, are there any gaps on treatment, what does your medical file say about your condition? Do you have children? What state?

There are many variables that will make it hard to give you a ball park. Some attorneys multiply by 2 the medical bills. In some states, they multiply by 3. This is not very accurate but it is a start.

Can you settle your own claim? I believe you can if you get all the information necessary and do not mind investing a little on educating yourself. Visit for tips, strategies, and negotiation advice.

If you do not have time, or this is getting confusing (and expensive) or the adjuster is simply “messing” with you. You need an attorney.

If you have a permanent injury, then you do need an attorney.

Consulting an attorney is a good idea anyway. Usually, they will give you a free injury claim consultation. They will evaluate your claim and tell you what they believe is worth. The first consultation is free.

I know I was not able to give you a straight answer, but I hope this can help you guide a little through the process.

Good Luck,

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