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Rear ended by a Driver with no Valid drivers license and claims the car belongs to father who has insurance

by Tester
(Alexandria Va)

My wife was Rear ended this last Tuesday at no fault because she was stopped at a traffic light. We have 3rd party liability Insurance and no Car rental. Our car had to be towed by the order of the police; it will cost us around $500 to get it including Storage fees.

My question is will the owner of the vehicle that rear ended our car pays for the damage including the tow and possibly reimburse us for a car rental.

Were worried that we might have to take the loss since the driver had no valid drivers license and the dad's insurance will deny paying our claim..Please help;(


Answer to Rear ended by a Driver with no Valid driver’s license and claims the car belongs to father who has insurance:

Hello Tester,

Why is the claim denied? Do you think the will deny because there is no license or they in fact denied the claim because there isn’t any coverage?

If the claim is properly denied, you have a recourse against the person who hit you. The issue usually is that most people are judgment proof. They have no assets to pay your damages. This is why it is important that you talk to an attorney.

Regardless, the party at fault will legally owe for their percentage of fault for all reasonable related damages cause to you (often times this includes rental, reasonable storage, and towing).

However, with no insurance on their part and no first party coverage on your insurance, you will likely have to pay your damages and seek compensation some other way.

Good Luck

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