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Rear Ended

by Taylor

I was rear ended at a stop sign. There was no injury."No Cash Lash", I just had a head ache and stif neck. No whiplash the next day.

Other party offered to pay for my vehicle repairs at the time. No, I'd rather turn in to Insurance co. Other party then lied . Said I backed up into him. He lied to police with his statement, in his recorded statement to both insurance co. And filed false police report. I made signs asking for anyone who seen accident to please call. And there was a guy on his bike. That verified my statement. His insurance co called and said the where paying for total repairs and the rental car.

With full extended insurance at no cost to me. I was told by the repair shop that his insurance repair shop, should not have let me drive my car out of their parking lot. That she could not give me an estament of damages .

Because my car was not safe to be on the road way. She could not let me drive away. And his insurance companies repair shop, knows that also. It's the law. I also went and got an estiment from them. Before the witness came forward. Repairs totaling 1,790.89. If I was to fix my own car. I am angry that other driver lied... And the stress all this mess caused me. Will his insurance company offer me any money for my incovience?


Hello Taylor,

If there is no injury, there is no inconvenience damages. If however, you can show that you did hurt that one day then they may get you some compensation for that.

Most likely than not, they will not pay for your inconvenience!

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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