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Rearended by a rental car | Procedure?

by Ron
(South Carolina)

Backing out of a parking space all the way and beginning to go forward, we were hit from behind.

Police charged the driver of a rental car. A witness said he was speeding.

The rental car company won't do anything because their driver said it was our fault and not his in-spite of the police statement.


Hello Ron,

well, this is a common scenario. Rental car companies are notorious for giving consumers the run around. They are very slow to involve insurance and to provide the proper paperwork to move the claim forward.

At any rate, you probably should contact your insurance carrier and have them go after that insurance company.

The rental insurance company may only provide damage to the rental car and not your car (the insurance of the person driving the car may cover you). You really need to have your damages taken care and making sure your insurance company is on your side is your first step.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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