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by Pat

I was turning onto a side street. There was oncoming traffic, I was stopped with my signal light on when a pickup truck rear ended me. Damage was to the right rear of my car. He has insurance, I did not at the time. The accident report said he was at fault for failure to maintain his vehicle.

He did not receive a ticket, nor was there pictures taken. I received a ticket for no insurance. I took pictures of my car damage. Can I file with his insurance or do I have to go through my insurance company that I have now?

This is my first accident ever in over 30 years driving and have no idea how to proceed.

Answer to Rear Ended Other Driver At Fault

Hello Pat,

You had no insurance at the time of the accident. That insurance company will have open a claim to then close it. It may also affect your rates.

You have to go with the other insurance company so they pay for your damages.

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I hope this helps,

Good luck,
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