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Reinstated insurance, accident afterwards

My family was in the car ahead of me, and I was driving my car by myself ahead of me. My family member called to reinstate my insurance, it was reinstated at 657. We were driving and a deer jumped out and I swerved to not hit the deer.

It was drizzling and the grass was wet, I couldn't get traction on the grass and slide, and my car hit a tree. My fiance saw me swerve and called 911 from his phone at 701.

My insurance company is asking for phone logs of everyone, and to talk to everyone in my family who was here for our get together. It has been almost two weeks and we have given them everything they have asked for. My mother has talked to them and I have talked to them.

They said are trying to see if we changed our story but it has stayed the same but she does not want to file everything. The estimate is done, the police report says 701 they recieved the call, what else can be done. I have no form of transportation and i have two very young ones.

What do I do? Has this happened to anyone? Thanks!


Well, the insurance company probably has its doubts as it should. You could have had the accident at 6:00, called to re instate at 6:57, and then call the police at 7:01…

If the actual collision happened before the reinstatement (regardless of at what time you called the police), then there is probably no coverage.

Proving the time of the accident will be hard, but again, the insurance company does have a right to make an adequate investigation. Most states allows them 30 days before making the insurance company issue a written letter telling you of the reason for the delay.

The question really is, why were you uninsured at all? Why did you not have coverage at 6:50? The called should have been made the night before, when no one would drive the vehicle.

At any rate, you can ask for their decision in writing, they will likely express why there is or there is no coverage, and then you can decide your next move.

Good Luck,

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