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Repairs on a claim in New York

Our new truck 2011 was in a very is a small scratch now on the bumper. The person responsible, her insurance company sent us a check for replacement of the bumper after they looked at it. They said that because it was new 2- weeks old they just replace the part damaged.

The claim was under 900.00. Her insurance company rep. said to me that we do not have to have it repaired if we don't want to.

The mark is barely visible and honestly after the winter you will have more marks on it. We have never had an accident before, I'm confused. Does he mean keep the check and don't have the repairs done?

Was he trying to set me up to say something wrong. So I said nothing back. It is very minor and you can't see it. Where do we stand legally on this. Can he say that to us.

Answer to repairs on a claim in New York:

Hello there,

This is very common. Legally speaking, you are owed for the value of the damages. What you do with the money is up to you.

Many times, the insurance company pays an “appearance allowance” – the damages exist but the are minor in nature (very minor), like a scratch. Thus they pay you that amount and call it good.

Good Luck,

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