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Reversed into following my illegal U-turn

by Rick

On a 6 lane road (1 parking lanes on their side, 2 eastbound and 2 westbound lanes) I was making an illegal U-turn across a double solid line, while doing so I was reversed into by someone looking to back up into a parking spot.

He was coming off the curb into the outer westbound lane as there was a car between him and the spot he wanted in the parking lane.

He was reversing into what normally would be oncoming traffic, but at the moment was clear.

I was in the eastbound middle lane near the dividing double solid lines, I crossed the lines to make the turn when I saw him backing off the curb into the outer westbound lane.

I stopped with half my front about half way in the outer westbound lane. I know I was at a complete stop because I had tried to reverse myself out of his direction but shifted all the way to park and only managed to rev my engine. So you can imagine the timing of my turn and his backing up was simultaneous, however I know I was at a complete stop. Am I completely at fault because of my illegal turn or is he culpable because he was the moving party?

Answer to Being Reversed into following my illegal U-turn:

Hello Rick,

We cannot answer your question without more evidence. Parking lot accidents are difficult because both parties have heighted duties of lookout. You must ensure that before you back up, there are no vehicles behind.

Also, making an illegal turn will not help you at all, however, it should not completely bar all liability on the other vehicle.

Again, impossible to say without more information.

See more about fault here:

Good Luck

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