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Second accident within 2 months | Should I file?

I had an accident about 2 months ago. I filed a claim with my Insurance company. The driver of the other car hit me. I did get my car repaired. There was about $5,000 worth of damage.

I was just in another accident today, where the driver of the other car ran a red light and hit my car in the same place that I had been previously hit.

What will my Insurance company do by me filing a claim so close to one another?

Can you give me some advice on how this will go with the Insurance company?



I am sorry to hear about your situation… You are probably sick of dealing with insurance companies.

It’s very hard to say what they will do to your rates. They will probably raise them, but at least it sounds like both accidents were not your fault. Your insurance company might investigate a little deeper just to make sure the car was actually repaired the first time, but that is about it.

Although there might be some increase on your rates, they should not be so big that you cannot afford insurance. Remember, this was not your fault and you can probably argue that successfully. The best course of action is to get an insurance quote BEFORE you file. We recommend this site:

AFTER you get different quotes file and see what happens, if the rates are substantially altered, use the quotes you got and ask them to reduce them. They will probably reduce them or lose you as a customer.

We have written some articles on when NOT to file an insurance claim, please see:

Good Luck

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