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Second Car Accident

So I'm traveling down a two laned road, traveling at 35mph due to the icy roads. I'm in the left lane and there is a red car next to me in the right lane.

In a blink of an eye the car in the right lane cuts me off, at this time he is about 2 ft off the nose of my car. then he slams on his brakes then gets over in the left turn lane. when he slamed on his brakes i put on my brakes to prevent hitting him. My car hit a patch of ice and was forced into a slide then a black car from behind hits my rear bumper.

The red car got away. who is at fault between me and the black car? and who deserves a ticket?

Answer to Second Car Accident:


Well, what is the black car doing? Are they moving? They are behind you? It would appear that the first vehicle is the one at fault, but then the patch of ice would suggest that the cars are going above the safe conditions.

There are too many variables here to even be able to make a good assessment

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