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Settlement for injuries while pregnant? | How much for damages?

by David

My Daughter was involved in an automobile accident when she was 7 months pregnant. She was rear ended while stopped at a traffic light.

There was $2000 damage to her car and her medical bills (including the ambulance) were just over $5000.
The accident happened in July of 2008 (her son was born in Sept 2008 and is perfectly healthy).

The Insurance company is just now getting around to offering her a settlement and we feel the offer is low. It is for $4000.

I had a similar type of accident many years ago and the initial offer I received was $5000 which I declined and subsequently hired an attorney, It was ultimately settled for $20,000.

My daughter could really use the money as her husband is out of work so she would prefer not to drag this out with an attorney. What do you think would be a fair settlement?


Hello David,

Well, with the economic situation as it is, we are seeing that insurance companies hold on to settlement and are a lot more difficult to deal with. The theory is that you would be much more willing to take a lower settlement in bad economic conditions.

Also, you are older and probably had more potential for loss (loss wages, future wages, future pain and suffering, etc.). Now she is pregnant, which would help her case (ads to her stress and the baby).

With that being said, every car accident is evaluated differently. I am concerned that this insurance company has offered less than the medical bills. Usually their offer INCLUDES your medical expenses; therefore, she might be “up side down” on the settlement (which is clearly intentional from the insurance company).

Make sure this offer is in addition to her medical expenses. If it is not, then it is possible that the insurance company is attributing medical car to the pregnancy and not the car accident.

With all of these factors taken into account, it would be very difficult to give you a good range of settlement. For more information on what could be a good settlement for her, visit:

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