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Settling and auto accident claims

by Clara

I was rear-ended by a car and pushed into a car in front of me while waiting at a stop light. I went to the hospital the next day to get an evaluation on my physical condition. The doctors said nothing was broken and I would recover from my injuries with rest.

The medical bills for going to the hospital has not been paid yet. The insurance company of the party who hit me hasn't paid any of the bills yet and is waiting for me to settle with them and say I'm ok and I guess sign off that they are not liable any more.

Recently they sent a letter offering an amount to settle which includes the medical bills plus about $200 over. I don't feel this is enough. I feel though I may not have anymore symtoms what if in the future I start experiencing some effect from the accident and the diminished value to my vehicle.

So I responded back to the letter with a counteroffer slightly above their offering but they responded back with the same offer. What is my option at this point ?

Answer to Settling and auto accident claims

Well, if you believe that is too low, it is. Their "position" to no offer you more is common, to make you believe that is all there is. You could pursue on small claims OR more importantly talk to a local attorney. They could increase that quite a lot if all the factors are present.

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