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Shelter Mutual Insurance - car insurance - WORST EXPERIENCE WITH CLAIMS OFFICE IN MY LIFE

by Chris
(Omaha, NE)

My son was involved in a car accident on 7/28 while at a baseball tournament 2 1/2 hours from our home and THE SHELTER INSURED DRIVER WAS TICKETED FOR FAILURE TO YIELD. The car was totalled. Shelter Insurance did not provide me a dollar amount for damages until today (only that they would pay 60% of a number they couldn't give me) and refuses to pay the storage charges through today because "SHE" saw it last Friday. I did not want to salvage the car until I had a $$$ amount from her so I would know if we were disputing or not, they simply don't care and are impossible to work with. They are only giving us 60% of any damages and no storage since last Friday. I have 4 kids, 6 vehicles and have never had such a horrific time with any insurance company in my life. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE COMPANY.

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