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Should a driver that rear ended a stopped car at a surface street light get a ticket? Can I sue her insurance company ?

by Wes
(Niles, michigan)

A sunny afternoon drive turned into an ambulance ride for my fiancé and I. Waiting for a light to turn green at a four way intersection, our vehicle was struck at a high rate of speed by a driver not paying attention (suspicion of texting/phone call). I heard the skidding tires of the vehicle that struck us just before impact.

The skid sounded violent and the marks were pretty long like 60-70 ft, the speed limit was 35 mph the driver was going well over that in my opinion. The driver got off scott free with no ticket or anything she injured both my fiance and I to the point that both our necks and backs hurt for weeks after the accident the doctors that treated us in Indiana took x rays and told us we had bad neck sprains and sent us on our way.

Can I and will it be a good idea to sue this rear ender's insurance company and get an attorney? The police report proves that she was 100 percent at fault. Our injuries are not extremely severe but both of us feel that our back an necks will always hurt and before the accident we never had any neck or back problems.?

Please help


Well, Michigan is a no fault state. You do want to talk to an attorney about how this will impact your case.

They can also help you estimate if there is any recovery, and much. See:

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