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Should I report an accident if there isn't a claim?

by Chris

I did ask her where she was headed before she left and she told me to where her Mom worked and mentioned the store. I went to the store a few days later to ask how the girl was and the Mom wasn't there so I left my number.

I received a call within an hour and it was her Dad who happens to be a police officer.

He said she was a little sore but doing OK. I went to the station to fill out the exchange of information form and he told me I did nothing wrong and that by filling out the form I did what was required for the accident. There are no charges or citations against me and no accident report was written.

He said his daughter did go to the emergency room and that she had no marks on her and that xrays or scans were not necessary. She was just a bit stiff. The ER doctor had said she "could" have a whiplash injury but that she just needed to be watched for any changes.

Her Dad told me she had gone back to work as a lifequard the day after the accident.

With what I have written here is it necessary to notify my insurance company when nothing has been filed on this accident? My concern is that they will put me in a high risk category or cancel my policy even though I am not at fault according to the police, who just happens to be her Dad. Any input would be appreciated.


Hello Chris,

You need to report this claim. Three reasons,

1. The fact that she was looking for medical attention (the ER), makes this an injury claim. You have personal liability at stake and the sooner your insurance company is involved, the faster they will be able to defuse a bad situation. They will likely try to settle.

2. You have a duty to report losses and accidents within a reasonable time. Some insurance companies will deny coverage if you wait an unreasonable amount of time. Please see: If you wait, this can be an issue.

3. Fault must be investigated. Although we understand what you are saying about the police write up and her statement, the bottom line is that your car bumped her. If you are moving towards her, the duty to stop and pay attention is on you. There might be some fault on your shoulders, if not all. There are no enough facts to determine, but you do need to have an adjuster investigate and help you with this process. For more about fault, please see:

Also, the high risk category issue should not worry you unless you have a substantial claim record, or there is evidence of alcohol or drugs while you were driving. Usually this category is for extreme cases.

Good Luck,

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