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Snow storm accident

by Denise
(Pullman, Washington)

Because of the horrible snow storm in the Pacific Northwest, many of the roads were not cleared in my town which left them very dangerous.

I was wondering if my husbands car would be covered because he ran into a snow bank that was formed by the city plowing the roads coming off roads that were not fixed.

There were no safe passages from the house to anywhere in town because of the town is built on 4 steep hills. Because of all of these factors, his car's front end has been smashed in and there is no way we can afford to fix it on our own.

Answer to Snow storm accident

Hello Denise,

I am sorry to hear about the situation. Snow storms are acts of god and cities try to do their best to clear the streets.

It is unlikely you can show any negligence on the part of the city. Snow removal is a service, but the driver has the ultimate responsibility to drive only when conditions are safe.

If conditions are not safe, the duty is on the driver to pull over or not leave his home / place where he lives.

It is likely that he would be liable for failure to drive in safe conditions. That is going to be your main problem.

Road issues are usually compensable when a city had plenty or warning about an issue, but failed to make a determination. Six months to place a stop sign, with several letters and requests from citizens, but never got around to it.

Do talk to a local attorney.

Good Luck

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