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Son had accident | Car at garage Insurance moving slowww?

by Moin

My son got into accident. While taking exit, moving traffic, the driver ahead of him stopped and tried to go the right. By doing so, he crossed double lane and hit the cones.

The driver was little confused and wondered which exit to take. My son honked and tried to stop but could not do it and hit the car. The driver who was behind my son could not stop either and hit my son' car.

The sheriff arrived at the accident and looked at the scene and gave the ticket to the driver who stopped in moving traffic, crossed double lane and hit the cones. He didn’t give the ticket to my or to the driver behind my son. My son’s car was sandwiched between the two.

Sheriff exchanged the insurance information. The driver ahead of my son has Farmer’s insurance.

We filed the claim but their adjuster is not calling back. We left several messages. Our car is in the garage. The total value of the car is $ 4000.00.

We had only liability insurance. What are our options? Do I need to get the car from the garage? (They are charging us every day)


Hello Moin,

I am sorry to hear this situation. Unfortunately, you have a duty to mitigate your damages.

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This duty is placed upon every party. Basically it means that you cannot let the bill get bigger and bigger, so in this case, you have a duty to move the car to a storage free facility.

Keep on calling the insurance company and get ready to ask for rental and everything that you are entitled to. Farmer’s is known for dragging their feet, so be aware. Looks like you might have a total loss (depending on how bad the damages were), visit: to learn more about that process.

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