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Son in law was driving, was an excluded driver, driving daughter home from hospital

Son in law was driving my daughters car, he is excluded on our policy, didn't know he was driving . She had a baby 1 day ago, so could not drive herself. While driving her home, someone ran red light and crashed into them. He is on his parents insurance policy and not ours.

We are fairly sure Our company will not even touch this. Will his parents policy be in effect and cover. Or are we screwed? Plus, other who was at fault has insurance. We still owe on this car. What can we do?



Well, this is an unfortunate set of facts. If he is excluded, changes are that simply because this was a hospital trip, there is probably no coverage.

However, if he has insurance on his personal car, that policy may cover this. If he does not drive a car, he may be in trouble. If he lives with his parents, that policy may also provide coverage.

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