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Son sued on my insurance as a driver

by Nick
(pasadena ca)

My son had a auto accident he hit the back of a car with damage the damage car he hit roll in two a other car with no damage to that car but that car with no damage person he file a law sued against me as the dad and my son's mom and the driver my son my limit 100.000 to 300.000

he was on my insurance as a driver and he was the reg owner at the time of accident, just transfer in to his name less then a week prior to accident now I am being sued for same
and son's mom $same and him $same amount can that be right , she ways also on the insurance and was the reg owner be for the accident and the owner change transfer to my son then the auto accident took place

When I ask my insurance they give me little to none info on what's going on i ask them if they reach a settlement they sad no, and then i got severe with court papers

Can it be one settlement price of 27000 are is it 3 x the amount as if we are all getting sued

Thanks and sorry if it’s hard to read this story but i am trying the best i can just learning p c new to this


Hello Nick,

Your question is a little hard to read, so I will try my best. Sounds like your son was a listed driver on your policy. Your policy will have to defend him until the limits of liability (100K). If the damages exceed that number then you and your wife may be liable for the excess (the difference between the damages and the 100K coverage).

You did not state if your son was over or under the age of 18. If he is 18 or older, then he will be responsible for the excess. If he is not, then you might be responsible.

If you are sued, damages are not subject to a ratio (3X), but rather an evaluation of damages. Some damages are hard to establish, please see:

If there are injuries, damages are more likely to add up to a higher amount. For more information for all of the claims they can make, please see:

Good Luck,

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