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State Auto Insurance Company Filling A Claim

by Mrs. Howard
(Owensboro, Kentucky)

After being insured for over 12 years both commercial and personal we had an accident. Our business cruse truck was totaled in 2010. We paid $17.000.00 thousand dollars for it just 9 months prier to the accident, less than blue book value at the time. We bought it from a business associate.

We battled with State Auto for months! They did not want to pay the value of the truck. They kept offering us a much less value...$5,000.00 dollar's difference! The truck was in excellent condition....

The bottom line is they are very unpleasantly dishonest! They gave us the run-around, it took months to get our money, they only paid us $13.500.00 dollars to replace our truck. The blue book value was $18,500.00 at the time of the accident. What a joke!!!

This was a very stressful experience on the whole family. They pretty much just exhausted us to the point that we just wanted to stop dealing with them and we took what ever they gave us to put an end to it!

I would never recommended State Auto Insurance to anyone!!!!

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