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State Farm adjuster not paying for all damage incurred in accident.

by Mike
(los angeles)

I was recently in an accident wherein both parties are insured by State Farm, through different agents. The other driver has accepted responsibility, so his policy is paying for my damages. The problem is that his adjuster is claiming that a dent on my bumper is pre-existing damage, for which they are declining responsibility. The dent (and other damage to the bumper) was indeed caused by his client, so I'm in a seemingly endless tug of war with this adjuster. State Farm wants me to pay 50% of the cost of reconditioning the bumper, which is ridiculous.

In addition to threatening to take my business elsewhere, what can I do to convince them to take responsibility for all the damage their client caused? Should I contact my agent and attempt to get him involved? Threaten to sue the other driver for the balance of the repair costs?



Hello Mike,

Talking to your agent is a good idea. Agents are not claim adjusters and usually, they do not have much weight. However, if your agent is a “power seller” or a agent that makes money for the company, adjusters will try to keep the agent happy.

Sometimes this does not work. However, if you feel strongly about, this, small claims court could be an option. A formal lawsuit is also an option.

Talk to an attorney before you make any decisions.

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