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State Farm Insurance Company - Very Bad Insurance Company!

(Chicago, Il)

I was walking across an intersection with the "walk" light lit, when a person flew through th intersection, and grazed my body. (they ran the red light).

As a result I had massive head trauma, 4 broken bones, and have had numerous surgeries. Thank goodness they didn't hit me head on...

I would have been just a smear on their car.

The driver did stop, and I'm told that's how the ambulance was called ect.

State Farm accepted liability...I had witnesses, but they tried to say the witnesses couldn't possibly have seen it, and finally they agreed to pay...4800 dollars!!! I was treated like a criminal.

I have 3 children, and lost my job and everything. I have been unable to work for over six months. I had to get an attorney who wound up taking most of a "settlement" leaving me still paying medical bills.

State Farm should feel ashamed of their business practices.

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