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State Farm is cheap for a reason

by Ethel

It's hard to tell people how dumb it is to buy insurance by cost-alone; you get what you pay for.

After 20 years with State Farm, reasonably good service on a couple of property claims, I was injured in an accident that was not my fault and where State Farm covered all three cars involved.

Starting with my agent who cautioned me not to report my head injury, State Farm abused me, called friends and family with embarrassing questions, parked a private investigator in front of my house, managed to listen-in on cordless phone conversations, humiliated me in depositions and fought every single bill.

It's 15 years later and I will deal with the head and neck injuries for the rest of my life — but the agony of the experience with State Farm is what sticks with me.

Their M.O. seemed to be to continue to amp up the pressure and innuendo in an effort to make me go away - or kill myself. I did prevail but it took five years to resolve and I will never be the same.

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