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Stolen car- What do I do now?

by Trevor

My car was parked by my girlfriends house on 12.9.10 and I woke up 12.10.10 and my vehicle was not there. I called the police and was told to contact towing companies in the neighhood to see if the towed my car and that i cannot file a stolen car report without a copy of the registration. This was a Saturday morning. The following business day I got a copy of the registration from dmv and reported the vehicle stolen. I then called the insurance company and reported the vehicle stolen.

On 12.19.10 my vehicle was recovered from a tow yard that said they picked up the vehicle crashed and abandoned since 12.11.10.
I gave the insurance company all the information about the vehicle. i purchased the vehicle from Craigslist with a shot motor in 2007 and i only received one key which I told the insurance company and i submitted to them.

The insurance company wanted access to all my finances and phone records which i gave them. They Interviewed me 4 times and told me that they were going to complete a forensic test on the key and ignition which I was then told by the investigator that he believes that i was not in that car that night and that another key was used to start the car, not the key i submitted.

Nationwide denied my claim stating that the vehicle come with 2 transponder keys and one valet key which they key I submitted was not the last key used to start the vehicle and that the key used was none of the transponder key.

How do i prove I have no other key when I'm constantly stating on record that i only had one key since owning the car. Yet they say another key was used....of course another key was used, that's how it got stolen. My attorney sent a letter to the state to pick p the case.. any advice? I bought the car and did not have any loans or debt from the vehicle. I fully owned the vehicle and it was insured and fully covered. The vehicle was a 2006 civic ex coupe manual transmission with 40.000 miles. Another thing is that i had to pick my vehicle up from the insurance lot and my vehicle is missing the ignition. Why are they holding onto my property? Please advise.

Answer to: Stolen car- what do I do now?

You need a lawyer. Sounds like you gave them too much information. It is clear that they were fishing for information and trying to document a denial. It is their burden to show a misrepresentation and/or fraud. Talk to a lawyer to help you get coverage.

In your state, you may get attorneys fees for having to sue for coverage. Also file a complaint with the department of the insurance commissioner (or department of insurance).

Good Luck,

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