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Stolen car while out of state

by Ben
(East Lansing, MI)

To whom it concerns,
I am writing to discuss the issue of my stolen car. I shall give you the details.

1) I have been out of the country on business for the last four months (20 August to 12 December) . For this period, I left my new car in a friend's garage.

2) When I left the car was insured but on October 2 the insurance was cancelled as my license was taken away for parking fines.

3) I did not know this as
a) my renter did not inform me of the letter saying my insurance had lapsed
b) all correspondence with regards to my license was sent to my old home and not forwarded.

4) Yesterday the owner of the garage where I had stored my car went to inspect his property (he lives outside the state) and said my car was stolen.

My question then is whether my insurance company with cover this as
The car could have been stolen before or after 2 October i.e. while it was insured or while it was not insured. There is basically no way of knowing.


Answer to Stolen car while out of state:

This is interesting.

Why would your comprehensive coverage (coverage that protects against theft) would have bee cancelled due to a cancellation of your driver license?

That makes no sense. You may be in jail, with a driver license that is cancelled / surrender / expired, and that has nothing to do with the risk insured in a parked vehicle.

You may want to double check the "comprehensive" section of the policy to ensure there is no exclusion that applies.

In addition, you are correct, the car could have been stolen before the alleged cancellation of coverage. The insurance company must investigate and based on the available information make a determination supported by the evidence found.

Best regards,

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