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Stopped in turn lane | Fault and Ticket

by William
(Grand Jucntion, Colorado)

I turned left into oncoming traffic at 4 way intersection. Both directions had green light. oncoming traiffic was clear when I started the turn, but I was forced to stop in the lane of on coming traffic due to visibility issues cased by parked police car facing into my direction of my travel.

A car then came into the intersection and crashed into my stopped car, totalling both cars. Police car had his overhead lights and head lights on, but he was not moving.

Both my car and the guy that hit me cars were totaled. Posted speed limit is 35mph. I received a ticket for turning left into oncoming traffic. The other drive received nothing. I feel the other driver was at fault for failing to stop before running into my car that was stopped, and a police car with all his light on...was less than 20 feet away in clear view.

Which is why I was using caution when approaching the intersection. I have the ticket, but feel I am the victim.


Hello William,

I am not sure what your question is here. Are you arguing about the ticket or the fault decision. If you want to know more about fault, please see:

If you have a dispute over the ticket, you will want to ask for a hearing with a judge. You will want to talk to a local attorney to see if you can dispute this. The bottom line will be the fact that you are making left and usually, most state codes will put more responsibility on you, than the vehicle going straight.

At any rate, if you read your auto policy carefully, there is a possibility (a big possibility) that you CIVIL (important term) is covered because you are liable to the state for this CIVIL infraction. Some policies could have exclusions. You are strongly encourage to check with an attorney.

Good Luck,

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