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Sugar in Gas Tank | Covered?

by Romo
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

It was determined that there was sugar in the gas tank of my car.

I had the tank cleaned before filing a claim. Once I filed the claim, the insurance company got to examine the heads of the car to note a black sludge and also sugar on the fuel filter, but they did an oil sample test to prove that there was no sugar in the oil.

The stickiness from the sugar has ruined the heads. Is there a way to argue this to get the company to pay?


Interesting... Why would the insurance company do this? Usually, sugars does not damage the engine. It's an urban myth.... Honey will destroy the darn thing.

However, Surgar or Honey, this would be an act of vandalism, which is covered if you have comprehensive coverage. Unless the insurance company is arguing that this was intentional damage by you, we don't see why they would be looking that closely over the issue of sugar.

Again, maybe they are saying that it is sugar and therefore not damage can be attributed to the vandalism and instead the damages are mechanical breakdown (usually excluded under the policy?).

You need to talk to a lawyer and see if you can get this covered.

Good Luck

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
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