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Suicide on freeway | Can a claim be made against the suicide victim's insurance?

by IR

Pedestrian left car on shoulder then ran into traffic.

Can a claim be filed against the pedestrian's (suicide victim) insurance company?


Hello IR,

Wow, that's a question.

Well, We do not believe there would be coverage under his/her policy. Most auto policies exclude damages for "intentional damage." Suicide is an intentional act by definition and thus, the insurance company might have enough to deny your claim.

Clearly, this is a situation that will need substantial investigation so do not take our word for it. We are likely incorrect and have no clue what that person's insurance policy says.

You can always make the argument that the intent to commit suicide is not the same intent to commit damage to YOUR car, and thus, this is not an intentional act. Probably a losing argument but it can be made.

You need to talk to a California Lawyer to see if you can potentially be covered.

It's important to note that the claim adjuster just might feel that this is a delicate situation and that you would make a claim against the estate, and provide coverage anyway.

Those are our thoughts.

Talk to a an attorney.

Good Luck

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