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Suspicious fire , total loss to my car

by Simone

my car was set on fire 9/1/2010 i did not see anyone set the fire . but i feel in my heart someone did it on purpose .

I have problems with some people at my job i think it could have been one of them . i only had the car for 5 months i loved that car it was a 2007 Mercedes cls 550.
I have been in a couple of interviews with geico but they still haven’t settled my claim and its been over

30 days and i still have a car note that i have to pay until then .
I do not want to mess up my credit score so i make sure its paid on time like usual. but i don’t like how

the outside adjuster is treating me . he’s asking the same question over and over again and and treating me as if i am the cause of the fire.

And it seems like they are dragging their feet . how long will it take for them to settle my claim and do they have to give me the cash value of my vehicle or just what I paid?


Hello Elmont,

The insurance company has 30 days to conduct an investigation. Fire losses are very difficult as insurance companies are suspicious of the motivation of the fire.

If you feel like you are being framed or the time is talking too long, hire a lawyer!

Also, please see:

Good Luck,

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