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T boned after stopping at a stop sign

by Concerned 25

I was stopped at a stop sign heading east on a road. THe other side of the street also had a stop sign (going west), but it was not a four way stop, as vehicles travelling north and south have right of way.

I waited for about 2 minutes as the intersection was busy as it was nearing the start of rush hour. I proceeded after the intersection was clear and a truck that was travelling beyond the speed limit came literally out of nowhere and hit me square on my passenger door.

I called the police after exchanging information and they ruled that I was at fault because I had the stop sign and he had right of way, even though I proceeded when it was safe to do so and he slammed into me.

There was hardly any damage to his vehicle and now the damage to mine may make my car a total write off. Is there any way that the other driver is liable? Or is there no chance because of the police ruling?

I am a good driver, I have been driving for 8 years, I am 25 and I have no other accidents or tickets on my record. How is this going to affect me?




Hello Concerned,

Well, for what you described, you are 100% at fault.

As you know, vehicles do not “come out of nowhere.” They come from somewhere. If you don’t see the vehicle, then you have breach your duty to look out.

You say that you proceeded when it was safe, however, the accident, the collision, and the impact are evidence to the contrary.

If you can show that the other vehicle was indeed speeding (very hard to do without an actual police with a radar at the scene), then there maybe some split negligence on the other driver.

Please see more about fault here:

Good Luck,

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