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Third party loss

by Richard

Another individual was using my heavy equipment trailer and was involved in a wreck which did substantial damage to my trailer and his truck. The truck was covered for damages. The individual using my trailer was at fault and got the ticket.

His truck has full coverage insurance on his truck but he states it doesn't cover my trailer. I tried to file a claim with the insurance company but they denied any coverage.

Other than him being personally responsible for damages is the insurance company got any responsibility for damages to my trailer.

Answer to Third party loss

He is responsible for your trailer. If you don’t have full coverage on the trailer, then it will be only between you and him. Now, it possible that your homeowners or renters insurance cover this trailer under personal property. It is a possibility but you can try it.

Note, If any of your insurance polices cover the loss, then they will go after that third party to recover as they will have subrogation of rights against him.

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