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Toddler wrecked car

We have an electric car and the keys were left in it. it does not have doors. my three yr old got in and pushed the gas.

It hit another car and caused $1700 worth of damage. should i turn it in on insurance and will they pay if I do.



Well, it depends. It’s the car covered? In other words, is this a battery operated car (like a golf car) or an electric car (like a smart vehicle).

If you have liability coverage, it’s likely that there is coverage. The toddler is an insured as he was driving. There is very unlikely that there is an exclusion for age, but it’s possible.

If this is a vehicle without insurance because it is a “toy” and not really a vehicle that is supposed to be in the streets, then there may be coverage under your home owners or renters insurance. The negligence to supervise your child could extend that coverage.

This is a complex coverage situation, so you do need more advice.

Good Luck.

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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