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Total loss of an accident, a month later still unclear.

by Jessie
(Bakersfield, California)

Well a month ago I borrowed my car to my friend. She ended up been part on a crash. The place she was had the crash had a video camera (the ones that after you pass a yellow light, it takes you pictures.

My friend was trying to make a left turn, however she said that by the time she was making her left turn the light was fully green.

Unfortunately,it seems that the light changed while she was in the middle of her turn ( what we think) and a vehicle #2 from her right side of the street ended up crashing on her.

The problem is that she removed the car from the scene and parked it on a side, and witness ( friends of the vehicle #2)testified on favor saying it was fully green.

A report police was submitted but does not say who is at fault but only says what witnesses saw.

My car had insurance, however her name is not in the insurance. the car was a totally loss, my car was valuated in $1,80.

The vehicle #2 seemed have a minor hit.

My question is; Is there a possibility that my insurance won't cover her?

and if so, what should I do? and what kind of papers do I need to show to my insurance in order to pay my car?

It's been a month and I don't know what to do!
Also the towing company already sold my car to someone else because I let the car in there since my car is a totally loss.


Well, if you don't have collision coverage, then there is a strong likelyhood of no coverage. There is nothing you can do. If you don't have the coverage you don't.

IF you do have the coverage, then call your insurance company and have the cover the total loss and let them deal with the other insurance company directly.

This may have to go to arbitration between the insurance companies.

To speed up the process, you could file a complaint with the office of the insurance commissioner. This may speed up the process. However, there are guarantees of coverage.

We hope this helps

Good Luck,

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