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Totaled but drivable

A week ago, I was rear ended while sitting at an intersection.

The driver left the scene. It was too dark to get any info other than the car was white. I called the police and filed an accident report. The next day I called my agent and filed a claim. They asked where I wanted to take my car and I mentioned a body shop dealership that I had used before. Took the car in an estimate came back and they totaled out my car.

This was discovered while I was on the insurance web site. No one called me with the estimate before this. I drive a 1994 Honda Civic sedan that is in good condition with only 130,000 miles.

The frame was not damaged and most of the cost is for the labor to replace the rear bumper and pull out the trunk lid on one side. This whole experience is new to me. They told me that I had to "buy back" my car if I wanted to keep it.

The dealership will not fix it and I cannot afford to buy a new car. Do I have any rights as far as appealing the decision and getting a second opinion?

Answer to Totaled but drivable

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Well, yes, you have the right to take the vehicle to a second bodyshop and see if they can repair the vehicle for less of its fair market value.

A dealership usually will charge more for a repair, so another shop may do the job for less. Ask the insurance company to double check the second estimate.

If you “buy the vehicle back,” they will give you a salvage title. You may get enough to still fix the car, but will have a “bad” title taking most of the value of the vehicle.

Please see more about total loss here:

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