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Trouble with ins. company | Total loss process of truck

by David T
(Bell County)

Got into a wreck leaving work a month ago. Other drivers fault for failure to enter an intersection in a safe manner.

Needless to say they totaled my 1995 Ford F-150 ext cab and have just recently given me the first offer of $2198. I have the KBB value of $3700 and NADA value at $5150. I cant find any comparable truck to mine anywhere. It was a 5 spd manual transmission and others are auto and single cab. I've found ONE but automatic and way less mileage for $6000.

I can't seem to get ANY call backs from them or email conversations. We had to threaten the FIRST adjuster with legal action before we got contact which he told us that the vehicle would be totaled and be handled by another adjuster.

This lady will NOT contact me and my wife finally got a hold of her and she gets into an argument over the phone with my wife yelling at her that that's their only offer and she has tried to call me and left voicemails.

I left her a voicemail stating I had the phone records to prove she has NOT called me and left one with her supervisor as well stating I will NOT have my wife spoken to in that matter and WILL seek legal advice at which point she calls to give me the fax number to fax the KBB and NADA values I've found. I also have the reg. papers that say $2940, which is only 80% of the actual value, as that's what the lady at the registration office informed me.


Hello David,

the total loss process should not be this complicated. Please see our pages on total loss here:

There we explain how to negotiate, argue, and increase your offer. If the insurance company is having substantial issues on customer service contact their manager. If this does not work, then file a complaint against their insurance company with the department of insurance.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck,

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