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Two vechiles backing out at the same time hit each other | Fault?

by Elaine
(Orange City)

I was backing out in a public parking lot and I always look so many times before i do so. i backed out when I saw no one else and the vehicle on the other space behind me was also backing out,as she said and we hit each .

I blamed her because she was not backed out as far as I was. She could not find her ins. card and said her dec. was $100.

We had a spat and I told her please do not call the cops. she knew I was scared/ them a day or so later she came to my house and I told I was on disability and my husband is unemployed. She then told me her dec. was $500. and she would settle for half because she was putting her car in the shop and then she was leaving in the am ,she was a traveling nurse. her story did not add up and I think it is a scam ? what should I do?


Hello Elaine,

You need to contact your insurance company. Very simple.

They will take care of that.

Not a scam, most people get up set or don't know how to handle a car accident.

Good Luck

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