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UMBI paid twice????

by Fred
(Nashville, TN)

In the article on UMBI, I found this statement:
When you have an UMBI claim, your own insurance company will have to pay the bills twice, the first time to your doctor (if the doctor has not been paid by your health insurance), and a second time to you.

I do not understand. What does this mean? How does this happen?
How do I phrase my request for the second payment to me?




Hello Fred,

Please see the immediately preceding sentence which states:

I have discussed how in Montana and in Arizona you could recover two times or three times the amount of your medical bills.

The paragraph that you refer to apply to Montana and Arizona claims (although not very clear on the article). Those states allow for double recovery as they bar subrogation of rights against the insured. Most states (majority of them) allow subrogation against the insured, ensuring that you only get paid one time for your medical bills. I am not sure what your state does so contact a lawyer there.

Good Luck

As always, it is very important that you talk with a local attorney!
Good Luck,
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