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Understanding the need for an attorney,

by Cookie

Understanding the need for an attorney,

However, you need an attorney just to understand the contract the attorney offers to you. What information can you give on choosing the right attorney?

Some are just not trust worthy, the contracts are 5 pages of foreign language. The fees and expenses are not clear however you can understand that they will be given most of your money when its all over. How can I assure myself a fair contract from the attorney?



Our site was down for a bit. We are very sorry for the delay.

You question is excellent. Thank you for that. There are three things you should do.

1. Only deal with people you know personally (a lawyer that has worked for you before). If you do not know one, ask for a referral or friends before answering to ads.

2. Read before you sign. The attorney fee agreement is a very powerful document, and if you cannot understand all the terms, then ask them to explain it to you. They have a duty to explain the document, and you must understand it. If they do not take the time to explain, then you do not want to be doing business with them.

3. Contact the local Bar Association. See if the lawyer you are dealing with has had any complaints against. This is usually a good starting point.

We hope this helps, and again, we are sorry for the delay

Good Luck,

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