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Uninsured Motorist Coverage after vehicle sold?

by Richard
(Dallas, Texas)

About a month ago I was hit making a left onto my street knocking me onto my lawn and totaling both cars.

The other car was speeding. After they hit me three men got out and ran away. It was raining and I was pretty shaken up, so I went inside which was about 10 feet away from where my car was. My roommate convinced me to go to the hospital as I had hit my head and had a previous head injury.

I never called the police and he drove me to the hospital (which we did not get into since the line was really long). My car was towed by the police as was the other.

I called the police a couple days later told them what happened and they released my truck to the insurance company (Mercury).

Now these guys have been screwing me around for 3 weeks. First they told me the car was sold to someone else right before the accident (which was true probably) They said the woman who owned (who was not the driver) had insurance, but when I asked him to give me the info so I could put in a claim with them, he said he still needed to get that info.

Also he has been "trying" to get a hold of the driver, so he can get his story. I can't see why that guy would talk to him since he ran, he obviously has nothing to gain by talking to my insurance adjuster. My guy says I made a mistake by leaving the scene before talking to the police, but I did talk to them later and had them release my car. What can/should I do?

I feel these guys are screwing me around until time is up so they can deny my claim. Please help.


Hello Richard,

Well, there are several coverage issues here. The car was sold? If the car is sold, there is a possibility that the insurance company will not provide coverage for the loss. The problem could be with a clause called "insurable interest" Please see: This could apply to the UIM coverage you are seeking.

Even then, an insurance coverage investigation must be done. This usually takes 7 days, but the insurance company has 30 days to make a determination of what to do with the claim. That determination must be in writing. The problem is that the determination can simply be "we have to continue investigating."

One way to put pressure on the insurance company is to contact the Department of Insurance and see if they can call or write the adjuster to get the claim moving.

You are encouraged to talk to a lawyer. Please see:

Good Luck,

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