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Uninsured Motorist Coverage claim?

by Edna

I was involved in an accident and the at fault persons insurance company refuses to settle. My uim carrier as agreed to pay their part of the claim. Is this legal?


Hello Edna,

Yes it is legal. The other insurance company will have to do a coverage investigation and determine if there is coverage for their driver. If there is no coverage, then that person is not insured for your accident and your UIM would have to pay.

There are not many facts in your question, but it would appear that you insurance company is aware why the other insurance company is not paying. If they are not paying because they believe that their driver is not at fault, your UIM coverage would not have been triggered. However, there must know that there is a coverage issue on the other side, which triggers your UIM coverage.

To learn how to deal with your UIM claim, please see:

I hope this helps some.

Good Luck,

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