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Unlisted driver and coverage for accident

by Michael

My car was recently hit by a another car and that's bad but not bad enough, this girl was a rider on an insurance policy from her family.

Okay here it goes I was driving on the slow land(right) and she was driving on the left when she decided to cross over and by doing so hit my car. well she gave me one insurance at the accident which was standard insurance and I even talked to them there, the next day 2 people called me one was the adjuster from standard and the other was the person who hit me, she told me not to use standard but to use USAA, well USAA denied claims stating that she was not a listed driver, so I tried to file with standard but now they are denying it as well, what do I do?

Can the parents of the boyfriend who rented the vehicle be responsible for the incident? My medical bills include going to therapy and having 2 MRI done.

So with the medical bill and 4000 dollars in fixing my car things are mounting up quickly.

What can I do? Also forgot to mention that my son also is taking therapy for injuries.


Hello Michael,

Who is your insurance company? Standard? Why are they denying the claim?

It’s not clear.

Please contact an attorney.

Good Luck

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