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Unreported in parking lot accident | how to proceed?

by Cathy

I backed out of a parking spot at my work and backed into a car that was travelling through the parking lot.

I did not think the damage to the other car was all that serious (no damage to mine) and I knew the person- so I told them to just get an estimate and I would pay it. she agreed that we would not call the highway patrol.

The estimate came back at $4000.

Can I now go to the insurance company or am I stuck because we did not report the accident . (this in in North Carolina)


Hello Cathy,

You can still file a claim. Usually, you do want to contact the insurance company as soon as possible as you have a duty to report losses.

However, most insurance companies understand that in certain cases you want to handle things like this. Contact them and see how they proceed.

Good Luck,
Auto Insurance Claim Advice
Spokane Washington

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