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Using insurance claim for loaner car

by Helen

I had a loaner car while my car was being serviced. It was provided by Enterprise, and I declined additional insurance. I turned too hard to the right in a driveway, and have scraped the loaner car.

My Deductible is $500. and I;m wondering if this is expensive (over $1000) should i claim on my insurance, and how long can/ will my insurance rates rise?


Hello Helen,

You should get a quote right now (while the claim is pending or before you file). Visit: to get a quote from several carrier at the same time so you know where your rates are at.

Below a $1,000 claim is a rather simple claim and many people choose not to file. Most insurance companies will raise your premium by a little, but some will jack up your prices, depending on how many claims you had and how much damage there is. Remember, you do pay insurance for a reason (to use it when you have an accident).

Your insurance company will either tell you that they will not raise your premium that much or they will not give you a straight answer. That is why you should get a quote now and then one later (from the same place), this way you will know if you insurance company marked you at fault, and if they reported the accident to other carriers.

They might give you a discount (or they will not raise your premium), but if you decide to change insurance companies down the road, they will make sure your accident is on your record so other carriers charge you more (and hopefully compel you to stay).

Remember that you will owe Enterprise the loss of use of the vehicle. They will probably want to charge you the “rental fee” the time the vehicle was out of commission while it was being fixed. The days the car was being fixed is as if you were renting the car. The insurance company can help you discern for what you pay and for what you do not pay (depends on your state).

Good Luck,

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