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Value of car due to mileage in accuracy | How to dispute?

by Amanda

I don't believe this is a insurance claim question, but I am trying to find an answer to my problem! My husband recently purchased a vehicle, when he brought the contract home we noticed that the car company wrote on the contract that the car was 3,700 miles less than what the car was actually at.

When we brought this to their attention they told us that the mileage has nothing to do with the value of the car. The General Manager said that they load all the information into the system when they receive the car, they drive the cars as much as they want, and when they sell the cars they do not have to change the mileage from what they loaded into the system when they first received it.

I distinctly asked him if the mileage was a factor in the configuration of the sticker price, and he told me NO! Is this a true statement? And if the sticker price or value of the car based or partially based on the mileage, what do we do from this point?


Hello Amanda,

Well, you have couple of issues here.

1. Is 3,700 miles enough to get a better deal on the car? Some people will say yes, some people will say no. If you crunch numbers in Kelly Blue Book and NADA, you can see if there is an actual difference.

Now, if this difference in mileage would make a reasonable difference on the price of the car, you have to prove

2. That the car was represented to you with 3,700 more miles AND that you relied on that representation.

You say that you found out after the contract (not the car) made it home. At all times – when you test drove the car, you were looking at the actual mileage, not the mileage on the contract.

If the salesman told you and show you this contract and you purchase the car on that representation, then you might have a claim. But if you never saw this contract before your purchase the car, then you could not have possibly relied on that contract.

In either way, please contact an attorney.

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