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Vehicle accident on private property

by Angela

I backed into another vehicle in my driveway in May 2008. The accident was not reported to the insurance because I had a lapse of 3 days between insurance coverage.

My husband and I agreed to pay for the damages to the other vehicle, we just asked them to get several quotes. The quotes differed by about $980.00. We asked that th

ey have the vehicle fixed at the location with the lowest cost. They did not want to do that, so we then stated that we would pay the amount of the lowest estimate, and they could pay the rest if they wanted to take it somewhere else. We did not hear from them. We made at least 30 calls to them to try and resolve this, however, we have still not received a return call.

I would like to know if there is a time limitation to our liability for this accident? We have the funds available, but this is always on our minds and would like to put it behind us.

Thank you,



Hello Angela

The shortest statute of limitation is 1 year. In some states it is up to 6 year. It depends on your location.

However, do know that you do have a right to negotiate and pay for what you believe you owe. Believe me, insurance companies are very aggressive on doing this and they do not take the lowest estimate but they pay what THEY believe is owed.

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