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Vehicle less than a month old

My daughter was in an auto accident today, other party at fault, was cited for driving too fast for road conditions. She was driving a 2010 Toyota Tundra ext cab 4 X 4 pick up.

Passenger in back seat injured taken to hospital by ambulance, daughter went to hospital back and neck injuries, the side airbag deployed and emts cut the headliner to get passenger from bag seat, rear door and front door passenger side smashed in dent in body either body hit cab or cab hit body.

My question is does she have to allow repairs on a vehicle than she just bought she had not even made her first payment.

She does not want to have a new this vehicle repaired as it will not be worth the full value it was last month.

She probably has a diminished value claim. Very likely she does. Please see our articles on that subject here: diminished value claims.
Note, she probably has a third party diminished value claim, which is allowed in all states.
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