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Vehicle registered to me but not owned by me, am I responsible?

I gave my ex one of my vehicles and had relinquished all rights and responsibilities to it. I got an email from the DMV confirming this.

Maybe 3 months later my ex needed the registration renewed because she was still about 4-5 months off from getting her license back, so I we renewed it in my name.

3-30-12 She gets in a wreck before she can put the vehicle in her name,she had her license at the time of the wreck but no insurance. The other vehicle was not damaged and the person was fine. The police officer at the scene told her that nothing would come back to me, and it was all on her.

Now today 4-18-12 I get a call from my insurance company saying there was a claim against me for property damage and bodily injury. I, myself have drivers insurance but that vehicle was not insured by me as I did not own it.

People are saying I should consult an attorney and I should be ready to be sued? Is this true?

Answer to Vehicle registered to me but not owned by me, am I responsible?


Well, most likely not, you are not responsible as you did not cause the accident. It is a good idea to talk to a lawyer because it is very possible that the insurance company comes after you, but if you can show that the vehicle was no longer yours (registration may give them enough), the may want to "put you" on a payment plan.

The issue is not the negligence here, but the insurance company's ability to pull your driver license under a financial responsibility type of statute. Talk to an attorney.

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