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Water damage coverave after 30 days purchase | Please help

by Janet
(Chesapeake, VA )

I bought a car from a dealership three weeks ago. We had a Northeastern storm and my car was damaged. There is a lien on the car and I only had liability on t he car.

I only had thirty days tags on the car so it was not yet registered in my name. Am I still liable to dealer or can I give the car back because I cannot help if there was a flood in my city. I only had the car three weeks and thirty days was not up.


Hello Janet,

Aww.. that is a bad situation.

Well, the answer depends on several things. If the transaction was complete (you bought the car), you are responsible for that car (even if you have no insurance and you are not at fault for what happened). If the transaction was not completed (there were things that still needed to be done), then there is a possibility that the car is under the dealer's ownership.

The ownership issue has to do with a clause on most insurance policies call "insurable interest." Please see:

A flooding is a comprehensive loss, please see more here, this means that you or the dealer have to have a policy that covers this risk.

I hope this helps some.

Good Luck,

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