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They were great handling the car claim, but not the medical. From the get go, the claims adjuster was making me jump through hoops to prove my primary insurance, Healthnet, did not cover chiropractic. Then she went after my SECONDARY insurance (which in their requests were only PRIMARY) that covered chiropractic and made me use it before she made any payments for the co-payments. Once that was used up, she stopped paying... and she always dragged her feet on paying.

She tried using pre-existing conditions to not pay my claim, and requested my medical records for the previous year. When I refused because I originally signed giving them permission from the date of the accident forward. Then she wanted all my medical records, including non-accident related info, to 2 years forward.

I finally complied, and she sent my records to a peer review, which was only conducted by 1 chiropractor... I thought it would've been done by a panel of people. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy regularly works for them.

After over a year from the date of my accident, they came back and denied any further payments. They paid out $545 of the $5000 policy I have.

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