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What are my rights? | Accident with a vehicle already sold

My husband received a letter saying he had been in a car accident and they needed to have his insurance information to communicate damages and reimbursement to their insured's vehicle.

My husband or i have had any recent accidents when i called allstate they asked me for the type of car he and I drive. They had my car as the one that rear ended someone and only the make and model, no license plate vin.

My husband has a car of the same make and model they described which he sold years ago and still under his name but has not got in a accident either.

The insurance doesn’t not want to give me the drivers information, location or anything and the only information they have is my husbands name and address. what are his rights we know 100% we have not rear ended anyone so why are they not disclosing any information to him if there accusing him?

What are questions that we can ask and they have to answer by law?



Well, you have no obligation to give them your information if you were not in the accident. It’s their burden to show that it was you who got in the accident. Only having your type of vehicle will likely not be enough. Don’t let them push you, they must give you conclusive evidence (i.e, witnesses or police reports).

If there is nothing, they will likely lose in a court of law. However, you need to talk to a lawyer. At this juncture you do not have to answer their question and vice versa. However, talking to a lawyer is a good idea if they are accusing of thing you did not do.

I hope this helps,

Good Luck

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